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The following fees may be assessed against your account and the following transaction limitations, if any, apply to your account.



Schedule of Services and Fees

Non-Bank ATM Fee $1.50
Debit Replacement Card or PIN $5.00
Preauthorized Transfer, on us accounts $5.00
Cashier’s Check-Customer $5.00
Cashier’s Check-Non Customer $10.00
Chargeback Fee $10.00
Chargeback, redeposited $3.00
Collection Incoming or Outgoing


Foreign $45.00
Domestic $25.00
Drafts $30.00
Garnishments/Levies/Subpoenas $100.00
Returned Item Fee by check, in person withdrawal or ACH $35.00
Night Deposit Bag with Key $20.00
Notary Fee No Charge
Online Banking No Charge
Online Bill Payment $5.00
Online Bill Pay (per item over fifteen) $0.38
Overdraft Fee by check, in person withdrawal or ACH $35.00
Printed Checks Varies
Stop Payment $35.00
Wire Transfer-Domestic, Incoming $5.00
Wire Transfer-International, Incoming $10.00
WireTransfer-Domestic, Outgoing $25.00
Wire Transfer-International, Outgoing $45.00
Photocopies, per page $0.25
On us check cashing for non-customers $5.00
Monthly Debit Card Fee $2.00
Excess Activity Fee- more than 6 Savings Account withdrawals per statement cycle $10.00/each

Bookkeeping Services

Type Amount
Check Copies (per copy) $2.00
Research per hour (one hour minimum) $25.00
Research per item $2.00
Statement Balancing per hour (one hour minimum) $25.00
Statement Copy $5.00

Business Checking

Monthly Account Maintenance $15.00
Check/Debit (per item) $0.15
Deposit $ 0.20
Deposited Item $ 0.10
Chargeback Fee $ 5.00
Chargeback Item, redeposited $ 3.00
Return Item Fee by check, in person withdrawal or ACH $35.00
Stop Payment $35.00
Wire-Domestic Incoming $ 5.00
Wire-International Incoming $10.00
Wire Transfer-Domestic Outgoing $25.00
Wire Transfer-International Outgoing $45.00
Monthly Debit Card Fee $2.00

Please contact a New Account Representative at (972) 380-0700 for details about any of the Pavillion Bank account types and fees.