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Certificates of Deposit

Investing for the future.

Certificates of Deposit offer a sound investment with a full range of maturities from 90 days to five years. Begin your investing with a minimum deposit of $1,000. Premium rates paid on Jumbo Certificates of $100,000 or more. Substantial penalty for early withdrawal.

Please see fee schedule for additional services.

Individual Retirement Accounts

Saving for retirement in an IRA is a great way to save and defer taxes at the same time!

Open an Individual Retirement Account with a $1,000.00 Certificate of Deposit and watch your investment grow. Maturities vary. Speak with one of our new account representatives for more details.

Please see fee schedule for additional services.

Please contact a New Account Representative at (972) 380-0700 for details about any of the Pavillion Bank account types.